Red Shield Video

Check out the lyric video for Red Shield. Telling a tale of 'insider trading' over 200 years old which still has repercussions to this day.


Hexagram above a counting house is where Red Shield began 
To control the banks of Europe, the beginning of the plan 
Eighteen-Fifteen, London, Red Shield played the Stock Exchange 
Couriers passed through blockades carrying post, it was arranged 
News from the Battle of Waterloo came with twenty-four hours to spare 
Red Shield workers sold consuls and the stock brokers got scared 
Traders bought the ruse and sold their bonds at speed 
Red Shield nodded as the value dropped and the morning headlines read 
"Napoleon defeated", followed by the British economy 
To open the door to domination, the centre of the financial world was key 

Beware the Red Shield and their armour made of gold 
Beware the Red Shield in this world they've bought and sold 

Red Shield built the Bank of England and set about some loans 
Caring not which puppet sat upon the English throne 
The man who controls the money supply makes the safest bets, 
taking control of the Empire on which the sun don’t set 
Kings and queens in pocket, opposition almost gone 
If the matriarch’s sons didn't want war then there would be none 
As the plan continued a few lone voices would shout 
“They are a den of thieves and vipers, they need routing out” 
Confined to legend, over blueprints roll their plastic tanks 
Two-hundred years later and counting, Red Shield still runs the banks 

Beware the Red Shield, their swords passed to young and old 
Beware the Red Shield in this world they've bought and sold 

Beware the Red Shield, their hearts are rich and cold 
Beware the Red Shield in this world they've bought and sold

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